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Harelaw Trout Fishery Opening Day
Morning folks,
Harelaw Trout Fishery will reopen at 8am this Saturday 12th March. Bank anglers can sign in and fish from 8am, boats are out for 9am.
The cafe will be open from 8am. We expect to be very busy Saturday morning so please be patient.
Weather is all over the place at the moment, but my most recent check this morning shows us having relatively light winds, however it is going to be bitter cold, remember Harelaw sits at nearly 700ft above sea level….so it really starts to bite up here…..don’t worry, fire will be in all day, if you need to jump in cafe for a heat and refreshments.
I would ask all boat anglers to take care while fishing the water and be mindful of bank anglers, I did have a few complaints last year, and it is something I would like to knock on the head …..BOATS MUST KEEP BACK 30 METERS FROM BANK ANGLERS!!!! Too many times last season, I saw a bank angler catching and within minutes boats were on top of him…..STOP DOING THIS..…with the boats clearly identified with numbers, any reports of this happening will result in you being asked to leave the water ….you have been warned!
Now…..the real stuff, the fishing, early season fishing Harelaw can produce some fantastic results, but is totally weather dependent, I know a lot of my guys are desperate to get out straight-lining buzzers….we might be a few weeks away from that producing effective results with that method, I would be concentrating on fishing lures, black Fritz, red-headed damsels, snakes or …if you don’t like a lure, a fab and a mixture of cormorants and diawls. I have seen very few buzzer hatches in the milder days up here ….so if I was hedging my bets I would be tempted to start the season with a lure.
I would ask all anglers who are fishing catch and release to make sure you de-barbed your hooks or are using barbless hooks.
Looking forward to welcoming you all back to Harelaw folks…I think we are in for special season at Harelaw 😊🎣🎣🎣🎣

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